Helping passionate creatives build their online business with intention and simplicity.

Helping passionate creatives build their business with intention and simplicity.

Heading in to the online business world can make anyone crumble of overwhelm. 

There is just so. Much. Stuff.

The constant being on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tiktok, Snapchat, YouTube, WhatsApp, Twitter, all the other social platforms, the 127-step funnels, the Facebook ads, the videos, the upsells, the downsells, the webinars, the masterclasses, the courses, the freebies, the 386 different offers, the advice, the workshops, the hustle.

I could keep going, but the thing is…

Your business doesn’t have to be complicated to be successful.

A word from my clients

Jonna Jinton

Artist & Videographer

“I am so happy that I got the chance to work with Jacqueline. We started working together in a time when I really needed it, and she helped me to get a structure in my chaotic business and created a long term plan and strategy for how to take my business to the next level. I really recommend Jacqueline for everyone that needs help with evolving their online business!”

Elin Kero


“Last year I launched my first online course, and Jacqueline was the one to help me set up a structure and strategy for it. Without her I’m not sure my courses would have seen the light of day. She’s a person you can trust, unbelievably good at what she does and worth every penny! Everyone should have a Jacqueline in their life.”

Maria Bååth

Digital Communicator & Photographer

“Jacqueline has helped me find creative solutions and new strategies so that I’ve been able to create a sustainable and more profitable business, without straying away from my core business or my core values! She’s also helped me see my own potential and helped me refocus many times when I’ve felt lost and confused with what I’m doing, who my actual clients are, where to find them and how to communicate with them!

Linda Hörnfeldt

Personal Brand & Social Media Expert

“Jackie is a rock. She sorts out my creative chaos and gets me on the right track when my “popcorn brain” takes over. She is punctual, thorough and passionate about what she does. She’s a nerd of the best kind and one of the funniest people I know. A gem!” 

Hi there,

My name is Jacqueline and I’m a forest bound Online Business Coach from the forests of Northern Sweden.

Having one foot in the forest, and the other in the fast paced online world, is the perfect contrast to keep me rooted, focused and joyful for the smaller things in life.

Helping creative entrepreneurs build their business online to work in virtual support or as artists by using intentional, simplified strategies is the best job in the world and here is something good to know about working with me:

I don’t believe in quick fixes.

But with strategic planning and sustainable execution, magical things can happen!


Start working as a Virtual Assistant or Online Business Manager


Start building your online business:

Brand Clarity Guide & Workbook + Printable Clarity Board

No matter what it is that you want to sell. By really becoming clear on the points we’ll go through in this e-book, you’ll find your focus within your business and also: really start to hone in on creating offers that your ideal customers will love.

No matter what it is that you want to sell.

By doing the work and exercises in this e-book you will discover and craft the grounding pillars of your business. You will have answers to the important questions that serve as your north star, that shows the way where you’re going.

And never again will you wonder what to do when the question: “What the heck am I doing?!” pops up.

With clarity comes confidence, and with confidence comes action. 

Let’s get started!

In this guide and workbook we will cover the basics of: 

  1. How to become clear on your long term vision
  2. Discovering in what areas you do your best work
  3. Unravel your core values
  4. How to write a one sentence explanation for your business
  5. Dig into who your ideal client is
  6. Write down your brand philosophy
  7. Craft a clear, helpful tagline
  8. Decide what to name your business

On top of all that, you also get a printable poster (A3 and A4) where you can fill in your answers and have it on your office wall.

That way, you’ll have your vision, ideal client and all the business clarity you worked for at a glance every day. 

This product includes: 

  • 28 page e-book with included workbook exercises 
  • Brand Clarity Board in format A3
  • Brand Clarity Board in format A4
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