Hello there!

I’m Jacqueline and I come from a small village in Dalarna county in Sweden. Now I live in an even smaller village in the north, with forest lakes and northern lights on my doorstep. My work life is all about digital communication, but I’m obsessed with taking notes with pen and paper (I was the one that never brought my laptop to class, but a notebook instead).

My road to entrepreneurship has been long and faaaar from straight. It actually took me 13 years before I had mustered up the courage to take the leap and go for it. I like to have a plan when I do something and it was first when I came across the term of virtual support that everything clicked.

At this moment...

I’m working as an Online Business Coach helping creative entrepreneurs build and strengthen their business with simplified workflows, marketing messaging, lead generation and content creation. 

Together we strive for creating a sustainable, intentional, relationship based business that will last and give the possibilities to create a life and work situation you love.

“When I look back, it may not be so surprising that I ended up on this entrepreneurial journey. Selling painted stones to the neighbours and making barters with pogs (remember those?) as a kid…”

Let's take a trip back in time

I didn’t start where I am today, far from it. And I’m not even close to “knowing it all” (‘cause, there is no such thing…) or being done. Get excited about the journey because it’s the best part and is the only place you’ll ever be. On the road, always evolving.


Got back home from living in France for a few years.
No plan for the future and a break up.
Moved back in with mum and dad.
Pretty much quit photographing.
Posted #allthethings randomly on Instagram.


Decided to start studying again, System Science and Informatics (already had a degree as web editor).
Moved to the north of Sweden (Umeå) for the first time.
Started dating my now husband.


Got my corgi Kurbits.
Started to pick up my camera again
Started to make short videos as well as photography.
Got engaged and struggled with my studies.


Started to take pictures of northern lights with a new camera.
Moved to Stockholm to work as a digital designer.
Began to realize that the topic I’d chosen for my studies wasn’t really my thing.


Decided to start a new Instagram account.
Got serious with creating content.
Married my husband.
Got my degree from the university
Started an internship at Influencers of Sweden.


Started to find my way of creating content for social media.
Met and got to know other creative entrepreneurs.
Got pregnant and had my daughter.
Started to build my business.


Took the leap and launched my business as a Virtual Assistant.
Worked with many dream clients and…
Worked a CRAZY amount all year.
Moved back north.


Live in a red house in the countryside under the northern lights.
Worked my way to becoming an Online Business Coach.
Creating resources for other creatives to build their own online business in simplified way.

Get in touch with me

Connecting with you are one of the best parts of this line of work. 

Just send me an e-mail or DM me on Instagram @jacquelinewester

Email: hej[@]jacquelinewester.se

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