Change the way you view your followers

I don’t know how many times I’ve fallen into this trap before. That number next to my profile picture that says “followers” below. Stared at it and thought that it was not good enough, that I needed more, more, more.

Constantly feeling chased and stressed out. Destroying my photo moments.

That I associated the value of what I do to how many followers I have, was quite honestly close to making me quit doing everything all together. I was too stressed and constantly felt inadequate. Comparing myself to others.

Can you recognize that? That you always have “too few followers”?

It took me a while, probably a couple of years, and many conversations with other creators (like my wise friend Linda) before I changed how I viewed this with followers.

Let’s do a little exercise.

Imagine that everyone who follows you on, for example, Instagram is in front of you. 

30 people is a whole school class. 
150 people a whole movie theater.

You may have even more, say you have 1000 followers. Imagine 1000 people standing in front of you. That is a crazy amount of people!

And all these people have chosen to follow you because they like what you do. They want to hear what you have to say and take part in what you share. How freaking amazing is that!?

So whether it is a school class or the whole sports arena that you have received the attention from, take care of them! Don’t forget them just for chasing new people to fill up your space online. You would never do that if they stood in front of you.

Today, I always think about it like that, of my followers as the real people they are. And I’m so damn grateful for every single one of them!


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