How to know what content to create: Answer the public

A very effective way to showcase your knowledge and skills to the world is to write and talk about them in your online channels. Both on social media, your blog and your mailing list. But how do you know what to write and talk about then? How do you know what content to create?

There are three things that I do on a regular basis to come up with and plan what to write and talk about, so here are three quick tips:

Ask your audience

Perhaps the most obvious one, but it is a thing that many easily forget. Ask those who follow you what they want to hear about from you. These people are already in your community and like what you do (probably, haha). Therefore, it is also important that you maintain the relationship with them and give them content they need and can have use out of.

Post the question to Instagram Stories, for example, and ask for their opinion. A bonus tip: ask specific questions that are easy to answer. Or why not run a live broadcast? That’s always fun!

Answer the public –

This is a site where you can go in and type in keywords to find out what questions people are googling on topics you want to write about. That way you can see what questions people have and are actively looking for answers to, how great?!

If we take “instagram” as an example, we get 80 questions that people are commonly Googling. It also shows what people want to compare Instagram to and questions about what to use it for.

Of course, the keyword you want to investigate may not get as many results, but it is still a good way to draw inspiration!

Market Research

For my own part, this point can sometimes turn out to be the deepest rabbit hole in the world that I fall into. There is such a crazy amount of content out there to take in! But if you just take a few deep breaths, it is a great inspiration tool to look at what others in your, or similar, area of prayer have done.

Of course, you should not just snatch their ideas, that’s not cool and may even be illegal, but it is never wrong to be inspired. Consuming what others do can act as a catalyst to get your own ideas started. One example is to look in Facebook groups that you are in where conversations are being had about “your” topic: what questions are common to people asking there? Where do they get stuck?

I think it’s good to do things like this on a regular basis to make sure you’re on the right track with the content you plan to create. Sure we want creative freedom too, but this is a great way to not tumble around blindly and spending hours and hours on content that your audience is not interested in: which means it probably won’t help your business either.


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