What are you doing when you’re not selling?

When we are going to sell something to our (potential) customers, we often put both heart and soul into both products and (hopefully) in the strategy of how to sell it. The active sales phase is the most burning moment for us and “that’s when we really turn up the heat”. So of course, it’s so darn easy that we get stuck with our focus there, but I want to talk about what you are doing when you’re NOT selling.

The know, like and trust factor

In order for you to sell something to your audience, they must have been given time to build up factors of know, like and trust in their relationship with you. You should be the obvious go-to person to solve the problem they have that you can help them with. If you are to succeed in this, you must place at least as much focus on your system between your active sales phases as the sales phase itself.

By delivering content to your audience in a conscious and thoughtful way, of course with your long term goal at the far end of the horizon, you can begin to build your awareness, as well as trust with the people that follow you. It’s not an option today to just show up when you want your people to buy something from you. No one just wants to be sold to.

Don’t forget the down time

This is far from done in one hand turn, it takes a long time to build. How you work with your selling, of course, depends on what you are selling. For example, if you sell slightly more expensive things like a larger online course, it may take months to build up enough trust and faith with your audience.

Packaging and naming your content: It’s easy to consume content when it’s all wrapped up and with a small bow on top. Can you come up with a name for it as well? Perfect, go for it!

Be as consistent as possible: Set a schedule for when and how your content should be posted. To consistently show up for your people plays an important role in their journey with you. My best tip for having a chance to stick to a schedule is to batch work. Because life is sometimes tricky and wants to have a say in what gets done. And when it happens, it’s nice to know you have a buffer. Try to find a pace that suits your life, that will work out the best in the longrun. 

It will pay off

If you do a good job with this, how you spend the time when you are not actively selling, it will pay off in the end. It is a long-term investment that you see and one, in my opinion, better and smarter way to work. Both for you and your audience. I’d rather have long-term relationships than quick visits and a constant pursuit of new customers any day of the week. Taking good care of them will probably make them want to buy from you more than once.


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